Take Time Out For Yourself After the Holidays!

Updated 12/28/2022 10:44 AM

The holiday season is wonderful, exciting and exhilarating and yet is also draining. The excitement and pressure to buy gifts, attend holiday parties, decorate, prepare for guests and seeing family can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Once the season is over, you will want to recoup your energy.. Taking quiet time for yourself with little to no distraction is essential for regaining your energy and feeling refreshed.


Here are 8 ways to take quiet time for yourself and replenish your energy.

1. Turn Off Phone. This is first on the list because it is so easy to be distracted and constantly be on the alert with constant text messages, email alerts, social media, etc. Turn off your phone to allow your mind, body and spirit to decompress. Be free of the constant demand to respond to messages and scrolling through social media. Relax knowing there is nothing you have to be on high alert for. If this seems like an impossible task, start with 10 minutes of no phone.

2. Nature Walk. A walk in nature is soothing and peaceful not only for your body but also your soul. You can absorb abundant and grounding energy from the earth and nature.

3. Listen to Soothing Music. Sound has healing components and by listening to soothing music, your body feels and absorbs the healing vibrations. Allow your body to relax and absorb the healing vibrations from calming, beautiful music.

4. Meditate / Sit Quietly. Feel your body let go of stress and tension as you sit quietly and meditate. Remind yourself you that being still is exactly what your body yearns for in order to re-charge.

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5. Salt Cave. In addition to the relaxation you will feel from sitting in a salt cave, there are many healing benefits associated with Himalayan Salts. Check out a salt cave near you and book a session to sit quietly, distraction free.

6. Massage. Allow a massage to release extra stress and tension in your body. Our bodies hold onto the stress and tension so a great way to release it is with a massage.

7. Light Yoga. Yoga releases stress and tension as you engage in healthy movements. You will feel tension release and your body to unwind with gently poses.

8. A Day Retreat. Book a day to get away from work and home. A day where you can turn off your phone, sit quietly, engage in light yoga, listen to soothing sounds, relax and recharge at the same time.

For Day Retreats and Uplifting Events, check out www.SunlightSpiritRetreats.com

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