Activating The Superpower of Your HEART: New children's book helping to change our world

  • Local Children's Book Author and Educator, Lindsey J. Frank

    Local Children's Book Author and Educator, Lindsey J. Frank

Updated 5/31/2022 8:34 AM

In a world, where day after day, there are heartbreaking acts of violence, hate, and strong reactions to misunderstood emotion.

We urgently seek to find the good.


We seek to find hope.

We seek to find a way to be heart empowering to make this negativity cycle STOP.

Now is our chance, our chance to take action and empower our children (and ourselves) to become the superheroes that the world is calling us to be.

Did you know that you have a hidden superpower?

Are you ready to take control of any situation - anytime, anywhere?

The moment you choose is the moment your power begins!

Make superhero choices and use The Superpower of Your HEART!

By using The Superpower of Your HEART, you activate the strongest power you have, your heart. Learn to mindfully listen to your heart's hidden messages to make great superhero choices that help yourself and others. When we increase our positive superhero choices, we increase our positive behavior. We can see another solution that is responsive and proactive, instead of reactive or harmful.

Author and educator, Lindsey J. Frank, shares a powerful emotional regulation tool, H.E.A.R.T., in her newest children's book, "The Superpower of Your HEART." Superheroes ages 7-12 can develop this incredible superpower alongside supportive adults during their Superhero Training. After their training, they begin to change the world with every decision they make. The Superhero Training is Mindfulness-Based Social and Emotional Learning Lessons within the Teacher's Guide partnered with the book.

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Whether you are a teacher, specialist, or caregiver, and if you are dedicated to taking action to make our world a safer place to live and thrive, then let this be your inspiration. Take action NOW, we all need to become the superhero that is within our hearts.

Purchase your copy of The Superpower of Your HEART on Amazon Today!

Visit Lindsey Frank's website for more information and to download your digital Teacher's Guide: www.TheButterflyWithin.Me/superpower

About The Author:

Lindsey J. Frank, M.Ed., is dedicated to connecting with children, their families, and education professionals around the world through wellness. She has taught and supported students ranging from early learning through junior high across diverse learning environments. Her passion is connecting teaching practices, wellness, and social and emotional learning (SEL) within education. She is an educator, SEL Specialist, Learning Behavior Specialist, well-being coach, mindfulness and meditation teacher, and certified trauma-informed yoga instructor for adults and children. Lindsey is the owner of The Butterfly Within, LLC, is the incoming President of the Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully (COSEM), and is the author of The Superpower of Your HEART; Big Change, Better You, Beautiful World; and is published in Educating Mindfully: Stories of School Transformation Through Mindfulness.

Rated #1 New Release in the following Amazon categories:

Children's Social Skills

Children's Sociology Books

Crisis Management Counseling

Children's Inspirational Books


Children's Interactive Adventures

Reached Amazon's Top 10 Best Seller List in the following categories:

Crisis Management Counseling

Behavioral Disorders in Special Education

Here is what reviewers are saying about The Superpower of Your HEART:

"Interactive, vibrant, empowering and most important for children -FUN, The Superpower of your HEART helps kids understand the power of learning to recognize their own needs, and of making the right choices to take care of themselves. This book is an amazing tool to help children develop and practice self-awareness, which is the essential foundation of social-emotional learning. Powerful and beneficial for the adults in their lives, too!"

-Kira Willey, Bestselling Author of "Breathe Like a Bear" and "Peaceful Like a Panda"

"Just like Lindsey Frank herself, this book empowers all of us to own and live our truths. I recommend this book for classroom teachers and parents who seek to encourage children to find their strengths when life's challenges arise."

-Carla Tantillo Philibert, Founder of Mindful Practices and Class Catalyst, Bestselling Author of the "Everyday SEL" series

"The Superpower of your HEART is a fantastic book for teachers and caregivers to use with their children. The book encourages children to slow down and get in tune with their own emotions so they are able to make healthy decisions for both themselves and others around them. This empowering book teaches kids how to use their HEART powers and guides kids to use these HEART powers often. This book is also a great resource for teachers and caregivers who want their children to have a healthier well-being. I love how this book is interactive and asks readers to keep coming back to it to keep learning and using the HEART superpower practice."

-Seltrove, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for students, teachers, and school districts

"Lindsey Frank's book, The Superpower of Your HEART, is a fun way for kids (and adults!) to learn how to tap into the wisdom of their True Self, or Heart. We often give people the advice of following their heart, but it's easier said than done. This book explicitly teaches how by using the HEART acronym through top-secret code words and guiding questions. It helps us listen to our heart's hidden messages, take action on them, and make superhero choices so we can transform any situation for the better."

-Tracy Heilers, Founder and Executive Director, Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully (COSEM)

"Lindsey has created a gem of easy-to-grasp tools that will support both children and adults in supporting themselves and each other in a HEART-felt way."

-Tovi Scruggs-Hussein, Healer and Leader in Education, featured in Mindful Magazine as 2021's top 10 powerful women of mindfulness

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