WT Productions brings 'Seasonal' tradition back to Vero Voce Theater

  • Santa Claus (played by Steve Delaney), Ginger (Kate Roberts), and Doug (Mark Brewer) engage in "Seasonal Tags" at Vero Voce Theater. On Dec. 3-12, WT Productions presents a new collection of six short plays exploring Christmas and the winter holidays from different perspectives.

    Santa Claus (played by Steve Delaney), Ginger (Kate Roberts), and Doug (Mark Brewer) engage in "Seasonal Tags" at Vero Voce Theater. On Dec. 3-12, WT Productions presents a new collection of six short plays exploring Christmas and the winter holidays from different perspectives. Courtesy of WT Productions

Posted12/1/2021 12:53 PM

A good tradition always returns, even if it gets interrupted for a year.

WT Productions is living that philosophy as it gears up to bring the fourth installment of their "Seasonal" shows to the stage at Vero Voce Theater.


First it was "Seasonal Ties." Then it was "Seasonal Bows." In 2019, it was "Seasonal Wraps."

After being shut down like the rest of the theater world in 2020, they return with "Seasonal Tags."

WT Productions presents this new collection of six short plays that takes Christmas and the winter holidays and looks at them from different perspectives.

Each play tells a different story and elements of the first five get wrapped together in the finale.

"Seasonal Tags" blends light comedy, dark comedy, and drama to put a unique spin on this traditional time of year.

The production was written, produced, and directed by Debbi Dennison (Streamwood) and Carl Zeitler (Glen Ellyn).

"I'm excited that we are back! The holidays last year felt empty without doing a 'Seasonal' show. I love that this year's show has an even more quirky mix of characters than normal," Dennison said.

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"It's energizing to be doing a new one, especially with this cast. More than half of the cast is in their first 'Seasonal' production. They brought terrific talent, commitment, ideas, energy, and fun to the mix," Zeitler added.

The cast features Mark Brewer (Mount Prospect), Gail Cannata (Naperville), Steve Delaney (St. Charles), Dennison, Kristen Duerdoth (Aurora), Betsey Manzoni (Joliet), Stephen Pickering (Fox River Grove), Debbie Roberts (Lockport), Kate Roberts (Lockport), Erick Sosa (River Grove), Julane Sullivan (Batavia), and Zeitler.

Delaney is in his third "Seasonal" production. He reflected on the experience going back to the first show in 2017.

"They are fun to perform, mostly due to the unique characters and the creative situations they navigate. A lot happens in a short time, and I enjoy the challenge of unpacking the relationships and uncovering unexpected moments between me and the other actors. Also, I really like working with the writers/directors; they foster a fun, safe working environment. It has become a holiday tradition for me, and when I'm not able to participate as an actor you will find me in the audience," he explained.

Dennison and Zeitler each wrote two of the plays on their own and they collaborated on the other two plays, including the finale, which always combines plot elements and characters from the previous five plays.


The finales have become fan favorites over the years. "One thing that is almost always mentioned by returning audience members is that they can't wait to see what we do with the finale. They expect by now that the finale will incorporate elements of the previous five pieces and tie them together somehow, but also create a new story," Dennison said.

"Sleigh 'Em at the Reunion" deals with two women attending their high school reunion and finding nice (and sometimes naughty) results. The second play, "Out of Holiday Cheer," looks at how a joyful office Christmas party can take a dark turn. "Tag Team Blind Date" focuses on the great lengths two people go to in order to help their friends on a first date during the holiday season. "Tag Out" asks whether you'd rather spend Christmas with your wife or your odd, but fun, best friend. "#HolidayHookUp" casts an eye on people trying to find a holiday date on the hottest local cable dating TV show.

The show's finale, "No Tag Backs," features the entire cast. Members of the "Seasonal Tags" Universe come together in WT Productions' traditional "Seasonal" style.

"The originality of the 'Seasonal' series is refreshing. It's always fun and creative. Some pieces are clever, entertaining comedies and others explore the pain and loss felt keenly during the holidays. You never know what you're going to get, but there is a balance to it," Delaney said. "Even the silliest characters have humanity, and the shows exploring darker themes never fail to find the humor. "

"Seasonal Tags" will be performed at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 3 p.m. Sundays, Dec. 3-12, at Vero Voce Theater, 3755 E. Main St. (Route 64), Suite 158 in St. Charles. Tickets are $17 or $15 for seniors/students. Free parking is available. No ticket reservations or sales will be made over the phone.

Go to wtproductions2.weebly.com for tickets and additional information.

The play is rated PG-13 due to content and language. Audience members are required to wear a mask during performances of "Seasonal Tags." Actors will not be masked while onstage.

Dennison had the final word on why "Seasonal Tags" will be unique.

"What other holiday show has Santa, high school reunion attendees, a hot dog, and puppets all in one show?"


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