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  • Lottery Tickets Aren't Child's PlayN/A this is public domain image provided by National Council on Problem Gambling

    Lottery Tickets Aren't Child's PlayN/A this is public domain image provided by National Council on Problem Gambling

Updated 12/14/2020 11:32 AM

Nicasa Behavioral Health Services joins forces with the National Council on Problem Gambling and with lotteries across the nation to prevent youth problem gambling. The holidays are a time of gift-giving, but many adults are unaware of the risks of giving lottery tickets to minors. As a result, scratch lottery and instant tickets end up in the stockings, greeting cards, and gifts of adolescents and even children.

Who would think that this actually increases that youth's risk for problem gambling? Not unlike alcohol, early exposure to gambling is a risk factor for problems later on. As a matter of fact, adolescents and young adults have a rate of problem gambling 2-3 times that of adults. Problem gambling can have devastating consequences for individuals, families and communities. The Lottery Holiday Responsible Gambling Campaign is an effort to increase public awareness of the link between early exposure to gambling and problem gambling. Taglines like "Gift Responsibly" and "Lottery Tickets Aren't Child's Play" along with graphics like the one above help get this very important message across to members of the community. Together, we can increase public awareness and prevent youth problem gambling.


As a state-contracted provider of gambling treatment services in northern Illinois, Nicasa Behavioral Health Services is committed to helping prevent and treat problem gambling in community members of any age. Free educational workshops are available by video conferencing system for any group interested in learning more about responsible gambling and problem gambling. Free counseling is available for anyone concerned about their gambling, or that of a loved one.

For more information, or to find help, call 847-546-6450 or email

Services are made possible by funding and support from Lake County and from the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery.

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