Chris Dargis: 2022 candidate for 8th Congressional District

  • Chris Dargis is a Republican running to represent the 8th Congressional District.

    Chris Dargis is a Republican running to represent the 8th Congressional District.

Posted9/28/2022 1:00 AM


Party: Republican


Office sought: 8th Congressional District

City: Palatine

Age: 51

Occupation: Former chief marketing officer at, current full time candidate

Previous offices held:


Q: What is your reaction to the results so far presented by the committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol and what should Congress do next as a result of them?

A: What happened that day was a tragedy, and I believe anyone involved in lawbreaking should be prosecuted.

However, the way this investigation has been conducted is directly contributing to the ongoing division we're seeing across this country today. Instead of approaching this in a bipartisan fashion, Nancy Pelosi unilaterally rejected Republicans on the committee and destroyed any trust that others would have as a result. If the investigation were to continue, Republicans must be included to restore faith in any findings.

Q: What is America's role in foreign affairs, particularly related to two separate crises: Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Israel's conflict with the Palestinians.

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A: During my time in the Navy, I saw that a strong America provides the best guarantee for a peaceful world. President Biden's failed withdrawal of Afghanistan emboldened Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, something that hits particularly close to home for me as the son of Ukrainian immigrants. We must continue to support our allies and free democracies around the world from despots like Putin. That includes Israel, a crucial ally in the Middle East. I firmly believe we need to continue supporting our Israeli allies and continue working toward peaceful solutions in the Middle East like the Abraham Accords.

Q: Mass shootings at schools and public gatherings are generally a uniquely American phenomenon. What should Congress do to address the problem?

A: I, like many other Americans, am angry and frustrated when these attacks occur. They highlight the need to support and fully fund our law enforcement officers, something Raja Krishnamoorthi's allies have advocated against. We also need to hold the lax prosecutors who don't convict violent offenders accountable. I have family members that are Chicago police officers, and they tell me that when they get violent criminals off the streets, more often than not they are let go. This is unacceptable. The best way to reduce the gun violence we see in Illinois is to prosecute gun crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

Q: The Supreme Court has made it clear it considers abortion a states' rights issue and has suggested it may rule similarly on same-sex marriage and other social issues. What should the response be from Congress? How do you define whether such issues should be governed by federal authority or state authority?

A: The Dobbs decision gives voters a voice as it pertains to this issue, something they haven't had in decades. It's a decision that empowers people and states to vote, to have a say, and to codify the laws that the people of that state see fit. I believe the extremism on these issues is detrimental to this debate. We need to find balance and should not enact a nationwide ban without exceptions just as we should not legalize late-term abortion on demand at taxpayer expense. We can find middle ground on these complicated issues and as your congressman, I will work to do just that.


Q: Are you concerned about the impact of all the recent federal spending on inflation, and what is the role of Congress in managing the economy? If you favor spending cuts, where specifically would you want to see spending reduced?

A: Government spending of the last two years, all of which was supported by Raja Krishnamoorthi, is the direct cause of the inflation we're seeing, forcing people to make decisions between putting food on the table or buying needed medication. I know this because my own mother has faced that decision. What we shouldn't be doing is lying to the American people, passing legislation that hires an army of IRS agents and raises taxes for special interest giveaways under the guise of "reducing" inflation. We shouldn't be taxing the two-thirds of Americans who don't have a college degree to pay the private debts of those who took loans to get one. Every dollar that these proposals spends continues to increase the inflation trend we've seen over the last two years, and makes life harder for Illinois families.

Q: Are you confident that elections and voting access are free and fair in America? If not, why not and what should be done?

A: I do believe elections are free and fair in this country, despite allegations of misconduct from Democrats and Republicans since 2000. The United States is the strongest democracy on earth, and we should always continue striving to be stronger. That's why I support voter ID laws to ensure that we abide by the principles of our democracy: one person, one vote.

Q: Whether your party is in the majority or the minority, what is the key to being a successful congressman and what are the characteristics about you that would make you successful?

A: Throughout my career I've been a problem solver, first as a Naval officer and nuclear engineer, then in the private sector in my business career. I pride myself on bringing people together to tackle challenges head on. That's not what we see from Washington. We see blind party loyalty and squabbling that has made life more challenging for the people of the 8th District. I will go to Washington with an open mind, willing to work with anyone who will help make life better for Illinois families and seniors, starting with reducing their cost of living and getting our economy under control.

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