Andrew 'Drew' J. Georgi Jr.: 2022 candidate for McHenry County Clerk

  • Andrew 'Drew' J. Georgi Jr. is a Democrat running for McHenry County Clerk.

    Andrew 'Drew' J. Georgi Jr. is a Democrat running for McHenry County Clerk.

Updated 6/1/2022 10:33 AM


Party: Democrat


Office Sought: McHenry County Clerk

City: Hebron

Age: 59

Occupation: Quality Manager at D&D Industrial

Previous offices held: Trustee Village of Hebron


Why are you running for this office? Is there a particular issue that motivates you?

I want to ensure our elections are secure, the results are true, and everyone that has a legal right to vote can do so easily.

If you are an incumbent, describe two important initiatives you've led. If you're not an incumbent, describe two ways you would contribute to the position.


How secure are you in the knowledge that election results in the county are reported fairly and accurately?

I believe our election judges do the best they can given the training and equipment limitations they have. I believe we need to do more to make sure our equipment is secure from being hacked and we use better ways to verify the results are true like a 10% hand count of all the ballots cast.

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