Felicity Joy Solomon: 2022 candidate for Illinois Senate 49th District

  • Felicity Joy Solomon is a Republican running for Illinois Senate 49th District.

    Felicity Joy Solomon is a Republican running for Illinois Senate 49th District.

Posted5/28/2022 1:00 AM


Party: Republican


Office sought: Illinois Senate 49th District

City: Shorewood


Occupation: Life Coach

Previous offices held: None


Q: How well did the Illinois government respond to the COVID-19 crisis? What do you think should be done differently?

Terrible. Recommend sunshine, vitamin D enriched diet, get out and see people. No masks, vaccine optional

Q: What are the most important components that should be included in legislative ethics reform? What will you do to help them come to pass?

First reduce salaries by 20% immediately. Start paying people like public servants and maybe they'll start acting like it. I will be donating 20% of my salary to charity and encourage others to do the same to change the mindset in Springfield.

Q: What should the state do to address the still-growing problems with its key pension programs?

Pension problems are as a result of mismanagement of funds. Springfield needs to tighten it's belt to pay it's existing commitments, reduce new spending, give tax breaks to business to increase the economy of our cities and use new revenue from people moving in the state (not out) to fund these programs

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Q: Describe at least two circumstances in which you have shown or would show a willingness to act independently of the direction or demands of party leadership.

1. I won't change my hair color.

2. The first video on my website is my testimony of coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ. I won't change that either.

Q: What should lawmakers be doing to stem out-migration from Illinois?

Stop robbing it's people with silly programs like giving them $100 now and taking it back in January '23

Q: Do you believe climate change is caused by human activity? What steps should government be taking to address the issue?

No. Nothing. It's a plot to bring in socialism because Covid plot didn't work.

Q: The graduated income tax is designed with the intent to reduce taxes for 97 percent of Illinoisans. Do you believe that will happen? Why or why not? What assurances can you offer voters?

No. Over taxing the rich makes them want to leave and then you have to over tax lower and lower incomes. All games!

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