What readers think about the Bears moving to Arlington Heights

  • The Chicago Bears Wednesday announced the signing of an agreement to purchase Arlington Park racetrack in Arlington Heights, the latest step toward a move from Soldier Field in Chicago.

    The Chicago Bears Wednesday announced the signing of an agreement to purchase Arlington Park racetrack in Arlington Heights, the latest step toward a move from Soldier Field in Chicago. Associated Press/Oct. 28, 2018

Updated 9/29/2021 10:28 PM

After nearly a century of horses galloping to paydays, Arlington Park could become home to Bears galloping to pay dirt.

With the news that the Bears have agreed to buy Arlington Park, we asked readers what they thought of the Bears potentially relocating to the suburbs. Here's what they had to say on Facebook.


"LOVE IT! It will be much easier to get to, it is right on the train line for people downtown. We can finally have a stadium that will allow us to have good field conditions, and we would be eligible to get a Super Bowl!"

-- Chris Higgins

"Just means higher taxes to build the new stadium only to watch an awful football team for 30 years and counting."

-- David Brian

"Until ownership changes, the product on the field will remain the same. That said, a new stadium will bring many other events to the area year long with a retractable roof. Add an additional 20,000-25,000 seats and extra revenue will be made."

-- Phillip Abbinante

"Mixed feelings. I will be missing the racetrack that I have gone to for years. I have never gone to a Bears game and doubt I will even when they move to Arlington Heights."

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-- Linda Hintz Yurek

"I lived in Arlington for 25 years ... as they say, there goes the neighborhood. The historic homes will never be the same ... no more sleepy Sundays. Glad we moved."

-- Ann Hirz

"Good Bears move and development for northwest suburbs! Although will miss racetrack, but it is a change of an era for Arlington Heights! Live next door, great opportunity for that amount of land."

-- Afroz Hafeez

"Unless they make major infrastructure changes, NOT at taxpayer expense, I'm not a fan of the idea. Euclid, Wilke, Route 14 and Route 53 are not up to the traffic."

-- Lynn Zoia Sakata

"The positives to this far outweigh the negatives. It's good for Arlington. It's good for the team. It opens the door to not just 8 games a year, but a retractable roof stadium will open up the potential for a Super Bowl, an NCAA Final Four, the potential for the NCAA football championship game, concerts, events ... I really hope this all works out."


-- Steve Boyd

"I can see Arlington from my front door and I couldn't be more excited for the Bears announcement this morning. People that are concerned about traffic seem to forget that we live in the Chicago suburbs and traffic is par for the course. With the new stadium, you can at least plan for traffic when you know events are happening (games, concerts, the Super Bowl, whatever else). I'm concerned about taxes and how it'll be paid for, but I am excited for the benefits it will bring to our village and the surrounding areas."

-- Courtney Seal

"We live 1 mile away in Rolling Meadows so we are looking forward to property values increasing without paying for it in taxes."

-- Jora Lia

"It will make me go from someone that attends a game a decade or so to someone who wants season tickets!"

-- Bill Moran

"Jury still out. While I'm sure Metra is happy because with the train service RIGHT THERE they can expect more riders coming from the city, I'm not sure that the roads in the area will handle the added traffic on gamedays. Most assuredly at least Northwest Highway and Euclid Avenue will need some MAJOR upgrading."

-- Chris Ferino

"I don't think it's a good idea. I still like them at Soldier Field better!"

-- Bradley Cotton

"They should move a drop the Chicago name. New name Illinois Bears!!"

-- Carl Bebar

"Personally, I can't see Chicago without the Bears. Shocking. I can only hope it's a bluff during a high stakes game of poker on the lake."

-- Curt Galusha

"It's only a good thing if the stadium has a retractable roof. The events that can be held are countless."

-- Robert Barry

"I think it might be a good thing. The Bears organization probably no longer wants to deal with all the red tape that the city puts them through."

-- Jenny Hoke Hamblin

"I hope the Bears will be good neighbors, maybe pay for infrastructure improvements including a pedestrian bridge over Northwest Highway to the train station."

-- Kim Ita

"It's a great way to ruin a sleepy suburb."

-- Nels Dahlquist

"Just don't reach into my pocket to pay for this. The McCaskeys don't need my money."

-- John Kohlstrand

"A bigger and better stadium with Super Bowl potential. More Parking. Easy access. A financial boost for the adjoining area. What's not to like? Go Bears -- to Arlington Heights!"

-- Doug Vella

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