Wearing a mask is a small, simple measure to help ensure safety of others

Updated 9/1/2021 5:21 PM

Utterly disappointed the Glenview Herald saw fit to publish yet another Glenn Farkas anti-masking diatribe ("Masks in schools should be a choice, not a requirement," Aug. 19) no sooner than the GBS students were to embark on just their second day of in-class learning.

His timing for submission appears to have been calculated, and was certainly disheartening. Opening Day on Wednesday, Aug. 18, was exciting for students and their parents, especially to those who kept their kids at home the entire 2020 school year, for online learning.


Not every student nor their families have chosen to vaccinate. Therefore, masking up is simply one small protective measure to try and HELP ensure the safety of GBS students, faculty and staff, and hopefully keep everyone in-school without any disruptions.

In my humble opinion, Farkas' latest rant should have been wadded up and tossed in the wastebasket by the Herald's editor.

Chip Marshall


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