Believe Project closes with $100 to help woman recovering from an accident

Daily Herald report
Posted1/31/2021 6:00 AM

A Gurnee woman will receive a $100 bill today as our Believe Project comes to a close for another year.

Louise Villegas wants to give the money to a woman she knows. Here is an excerpt of her story:


"In May 2019, Kathy suffered a freak accident. The resulting concussion left her unable to teach art classes, drive a car or even tell time and make change. As Kathy struggled with her recovery, she and her husband came down with a debilitating illness this past January (possibly early COVID cases) which left them helpless for weeks, and dependent on others to deliver groceries and basic needs.

"Kathy still needs medical care for the lingering effects of the concussion, but the pandemic and her financial situation make it nearly impossible. Since Kathy is still not cleared to drive and is financially strapped, she recently sold her car to pay off medical expenses and replace her broken washing machine. I know any financial help would be welcome."

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