Rejuvenator extends road life

Daily Herald report
Updated 5/31/2020 4:38 PM

The Lake County Division of Transportation will be applying pavement rejuvenator, a glue-type substance that can extend the life of a road by five years, to 15 newly completed road surfaces. The maltene-based substance acts like glue to create a tighter road surface. This leads to less rocks chipping off, slows the oxidation process, and prevents water from sitting in cracks in the pavement, reducing damage from freeze-thaw cycles, according to LCDOT. Traffic impacts are typically minimal as one lane is closed at a time while the rejuvenator is applied in a process that takes about 30 minutes. Once applied, motorists may notice a substance that looks like sand, which prevents the rejuvenator liquid from soaking in the pavement and getting on vehicles. Watch a video and see a map of the locations at

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