Tom Hanson: Candidate profile

  • Tom Hanson, 2018 Repubican candidate for the 5th congressional district

    Tom Hanson, 2018 Repubican candidate for the 5th congressional district

Posted10/12/2018 1:00 AM


Name:Tom Hanson


City: Chicago

Website: No website

Twitter: None

Facebook: No campaign Facebook page

Party: Republican

Office sought: U.S. representative, 5th Congressional District

Age: 64

Family: Wife, Gabrielle; teenage daughter, Ashton

Occupation: Commercial real estate

Education: Denison University

Civic involvement: Former board member of Concordia-Avondale School and of Life Directions; involved in 4H with my daughter.

Elected offices held: Ran for Republican nomination to 5th congressional district in 2009, lost

Have you ever been charged with a crime? If so, please explain, including the year and jurisdiction where you were charged.


Questions & Answers

Q. Did you support or oppose the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017? Why or why not? Please outline your basic view of what the national economic policy should be?

Yes I did support the tax cuts. They are working as intended, to stimulate jobs and aid corporate spending and expansion. On Policy: Broaden the 2017 Tax Reform Act, and extend it permanently. This will strengthen America's competitiveness with the rest of the world, increase revenue, stimulate jobs and promote economic prosperity. I am in support of a more fair income tax, based on adjusted gross income, and the elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax. Secure the US/Mexico/Canada borders. Adjust Social Security to a retirement age of 70 to increase the available labor force and soften the draining of Social Security funds. Increase spending in areas such as military, cyber warfare, NASA, solidify our Super Power status. 

Q. How strong is the threat of so-called cyberwarfare? What should the U.S. be doing in response to that threat in addition to what is now being done?

It is real and it is catastrophic. It reaches from small companies, to law enforcement entities, to major corporations. Law enforcement often encourages payments to the hackers since there are lax systems in place to actually nail the criminal. The United States should lead the effort to increase the ability to identify and track those engaged in cyber warfare. The fines and punishment should be strong enough that the fear of being caught outweighs the desire for the huge financial payoff of cyber warfare.

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Q. Please outline your position on immigration. What should the nation's philosophy be on the issue? Should there be a wall along most of the country's southern border? What should the nation's philosophy be on how the government treats and responds to undocumented immigrants?

I am for legal immigration. This country was built on immigration, those who believed they could come here, learn and speak the language, have freedom of speech and religion and appreciate where they came from and what they went through to get here. They became proud and productive U.S. citizens. That high standard should still be in place as people attempt to immigrate to the United States. Undocumented immigrants need a very small window to go through the steps necessary to become a citizen or face permanent deportation. 

Q. What is your evaluation of President Donald Trump's job performance? Please specify what you view as its highs and lows.

Being the president of the United States is not an easy job for anyone. I believe that he has restored hope in the America being free, a global leader, and financially strong. He has bridged relations with Korea, he has put more American's back to work, he has earned respect for America again. The lows have got to be his Twitter feeds.

Q. How important is Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation? What's your assessment of its fairness and professionalism?

I place very little credibility with Mueller. People who have worked with him in the past say that his wife called the shots more than he did. Again, more conspiracy theory and the public really could care less.

Q. Do you support Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court? Please explain.

He is purely constitutional and is not swayed by emotion. He is the perfect choice for the Supreme Court.

Q. Would you vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act? Should there be a penalty for those who do not comply with the individual mandate?

I absolutely would vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Nothing has been affordable or understandable about the whole process. And no, there should be no penalty for those who don't comply. If people can afford insurance they will purchase it. If they can't then they shouldn't be penalized further. Opening the exchange to a national vs statewide system would help drive prices down.


Q. What other issues are important to you as a candidate for this office?

• Quality of our children's education

• Less divisiveness 

• Strengthening of our military

• Financial stabilization

• Energy independence

In addition, here a few questions meant to provide more personal insight into you as a person:

Q. What's the hardest decision you ever had to make?

To remain in Illinois.

Q. Who is your hero?

Steve McQueen -- born into adverse conditions, unlikely to ever succeed, deaf in one ear; however, he became one of the most prolific actors of all time.

Q. Each amendment in the Bill of Rights is important, but which one of those 10 is most precious to you?

The Fourth Amendment, protection against unlawful prosecution.

Q. What lesson of youth has been most important to you as an adult?

Time goes fast and you can never buy more of it.

Q. Think back to a time you failed at something? What did you learn from it?

Never to second-guess my wife. No, seriously! She really took the ball and ran with it and left me standing in the dust. Won't do that again!

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