$150 to help manage medical bills

Updated 12/21/2017 3:55 PM

Today's recipient of $150 through the Believe Project wants to help her daughter handle medical bills resulting from a car crash.

Through the contribution of an additional donor, the Believe Project award has been increased to $150 since the recipients shared their stories.


• Doris Aussin of Lake in the Hills:

"I would give $100 to my daughter, Annelaura Meger. Due to many health issues, she is on disability and unable to work.

"On Feb. 14, her car was hit from behind while at a stoplight. She spent much time in the hospital and rehab. She lost the feeling in her lower left leg and walks with a brace and cane and a rollator.

"She has many hospital bills and is awaiting a settlement. She needs equipment and clothes because of a huge weight loss. She could use the $100 toward those needs."

• The Believe Project is awarding $150 daily in December to a total of 48 people with good ideas for how to use the money to do a good deed for someone else.

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