$150 to give additional help to a family in need

Posted12/21/2017 5:30 AM

Today's recipient of $150 through the Believe Project was moved by an earlier nomination and wants to give more to a family struggling to make ends meet. Through the contribution of an additional donor, the Believe Project award has been increased to $150 since the recipients shared their stories.

• Diane Szuberla of Schaumburg:


"My husband, Norb, and I would like to give $100 to the family nominated by Dan Conley of Schaumburg, a recipient (announced) on Dec. 1. My husband felt so strongly about helping the family (Conley) told about with five kids and that they walked two miles for food, etc.

"My husband grew up at an orphanage in Chicago and in foster homes, and feels very strongly about helping this man. We want to give him the money to match what Dan did so the man can buy presents or clothes for his kids."

Conley pledged to help a family he met while volunteering at a local food pantry. A father of five had walked to the pantry with his oldest daughter, 10. They pushed a baby stroller two miles through wintry weather to carry the food home for the family. When Conley told the father his family would be eligible for Christmas gifts for the children, he expected a request for toys and games.

"(The father) was very grateful and said his kids needed socks and T-shirts," Conley said. "My wife noticed that his daughter's clothes and shoes were worn and had holes in them. It was obvious to us that (he) could not afford to buy socks and shirts for his kids."

Conley pledged his family would match a Believe Project donation for the family, and readers have reached out to us offering to help the family as well.

• The Believe Project is awarding $150 daily in December to a total of 48 people with good ideas for how to use the money to do a good deed for someone else.

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