$150 to bake for service members and as a gift for a cash-strapped family

Updated 12/10/2017 5:05 PM

Today's recipients of $150 through the Believe Project want to bake for military service members and give a cash-strapped family an evening out. Through the contribution of an additional donor, the Believe Project award has been increased to $150 since the recipients shared their stories.

• Mama G of Crystal Lake:


"In 2012 I visited (my son at) a (Marine) base in Missouri. I brought over five dozen homemade buttery chocolate chip cookies … (and) gave him the cookies to give to the … Marines he roomed with. Within a few minutes a couple Marines came down to thank me. … On our way home, he called and said … the guys in the barracks want you to visit again with more treats and one Marine gave you a name, 'Mama G.'

"I started searching a … to find a place where I can bake and cook for our kids in the military. I found the USO. It's a place I've come to love and put my joy of baking and cooking for others. You cannot describe how a simple homemade cookie and a glass of milk can make someone feel better. … For all the sons and daughters in the military."

• Patricia Graceffa of Sugar Grove:

"I would give it to a wonderful family here in Sugar Grove who, despite some problems with the father having multiple sclerosis, live a life of sharing, caring and doing for others in our community. Matt McCannon helps the veterans, the Christmas Tree Lighting Committee, the Corn Boil Committee and his church, and the family never asks for anything for themselves although it has been rough for them financially over the last several years because of Matt's illness.

"Because the family is so close, it would be great for them to maybe just be able to go out and see a movie together or grab a hamburger together and not have to worry about spending unwisely. A true Christmas gift!"

• The Believe Project is awarding $150 daily in December to a total of 48 people with good ideas for how to use the money to do a good deed for someone else. If you'd like the chance to help someone, submit your idea today at events.dailyherald.com/believe-project.

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