$100 to thank grandpa and to help sex assault victims

Posted12/8/2017 5:30 AM

Today's recipients of a $100 bill through the Believe Project want to thank the grandpa who provides a home and support a program for male veterans who suffered sexual assault or abuse.

• Danielle Borkowski of Schaumburg:


"I would use $100 to give to my grandpa. I have been living with him for the past four years. He took me in when my mother passed away and my dad kicked me out when I was 17. Since then, he has helped me buy three cars, get my wisdom teeth pulled, and through many major life road bumps. Not to mention he also took in my older sister who has two children.

"In that time, I have not been able to afford to give him much back except my gratitude. If I was able to give him $100, I would match it and just give him the money to truly express how happy I am to be here with him. He's a very quiet man, but sometimes those people are the most giving and my grandpa deserves the world."

• M. Fein of Waukegan:

"There is a Men's Military Sexual Trauma group at FHCC Lovell in North Chicago. The group helps male veterans who suffered sexual assaults or sexual abuse in the military. They joined as young men and endured devastating events that negatively impact aspects of their lives. Some suffer from PTSD, depression, substance abuse, destructive behaviors and, most sadly, suicide.

"Male and female sexual assault victims tend to cope differently, and the military and the VA have begun doing more to address the needs of male victims. The helpful Lovell program is the only one in the metro Chicago area.

"The group could use help with coffee. Coffee helps -- sitting around the table sipping coffee while building resilience and recovery skills. Why? Because, they need helping hands, need a boost, and deserve applause for providing a welcoming, compassionate and supportive group environment. One $100 bill would provide them coffee for six months."

• The Believe Project is awarding $100 each day in December to two people with good ideas for how to use the money to do a good deed for someone else. If you'd like the chance to help someone, submit your idea at events.dailyherald.com/believe-project by Monday, Dec. 11.

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