$100 to renew faith and connect students

Updated 12/4/2017 4:34 PM

By Christie Willhite



Today's recipients of a $100 bill through the Believe Project want to renew the faith of a burglary victim and help high school students feel like they belong.

• Cyndi Constertina of Arlington Heights:

"Barbara Martin is the face you will see if you look up kindness, compassion, generosity, service and selflessness in the dictionary.

"Barbara has spent her entire life serving her church, her neighbors, her family, the homeless and all she comes into contact with. She has a positive attitude and a joy that exudes (from) her.

"Two days ago, her home was broken into and thieves took everything she owned of sentimental and monetary value. As she replaces the door that was broken down, her spirit is not broken. The sweet 16 ring she received from her parents over 60 years ago cannot be replaced, but her belief that good overcomes evil can (be renewed).

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"Any sort of gift she is given would bring a smile to her face and a boost to her spirits. Knowing Barbara, she will use this gift to continue serving countless others and sharing her contagious joy."

• Bruce Varela of Palatine:

"I teach the AVID program at Wheeling High School. It is a college prep program for primarily first-generation … students and many come from low-income homes. We take kids who have college potential but aren't working up to their potential yet, and challenge them, work with them, and support them ... kids who typically don't get a lot of attention because they are not at the top of their class or near the bottom.

"We usually get sweatshirts each year for our program with new designs each year. However, they do have to buy them. I have many students who don't get one because they can't afford one. I'd like to find a way this year to get all our students sweatshirts, especially before the cold weather comes, and it would help give them pride in the program. This $100 would allow for at least six students to get a free sweatshirt."

• The Believe Project is awarding $100 each day in December to two people with good ideas for how to use the money to do a good deed for someone else. If you'd like the chance to help someone, submit your idea at events.dailyherald.com/believe-project by Friday, Dec. 8.

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