Spring Orzo Salad the perfect option for a healthy, weeknight meal

  • Spring Orzo Salad

    Spring Orzo Salad Courtesy of Biz Velatini

Posted3/18/2020 6:00 AM

I didn't really learn to cook until I was 32. My daughter was 8 years old, and I realized that if I didn't eat vegetables, neither would she!

I had another reason to learn to cook around that time: I was diagnosed with diabetes and have been insulin-dependent now for 10 years.


Since then, I joined Weight Watchers and lost 70 pounds. So eating healthy is a priority.

On top of that, my approach to meals is simple -- I want delicious food that's easy to prepare and takes less than 20 minutes to get on the table most weeknights. I leave the weekend to make dishes such as slow-simmering pasta sauce and braised meats.

Cooking in March can be challenging, as my daughter's birthday early in the month has shown me. When she was little, there were some birthday parties where it was so warm out we had water balloon fights, and other times I would be shoveling five inches of snow.

Spring Orzo Salad
Spring Orzo Salad - Courtesy of Biz Velatini

No matter what the weather is in March, I am ready to pack up my slow cooker and Dutch oven and move on to lighter dinners, such as this Spring Orzo Salad. Think of this recipe as just a base -- feel free to use any protein you have on hand, as well as veggies you like. I am one person who hates onions, so you will never see an onion in any of my recipes, but I am not offended if you add some to this dish or others.

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Orzo is a great pasta to have on hand for a quick weeknight dinner. Once the water comes to boil, it is ready in five minutes. My spring Orzo Salad is perfect because the orzo can be cooked ahead and stored in the fridge. Then it's a matter of a quick assembly and dinner is served.

I will be sharing other recipes with you in this column next month and beyond. Most of my recipes work with Weight Watchers and are diabetes-friendly. If there is a dish you'd like me to lighten up for you -- please contact me through social media or at mybizzykitchen@gmail.com.

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