Letter: Ban deserves support

Updated 1/24/2023 9:56 AM

The Constitution was written during the time England was trying to deny independence for the United States. "Arms" were mainly single-shot rifles.

Over the years and after many wars, more complex weapons of war were invented and implemented, to include today's sophisticated missile launchers, anti-aircraft guns, assault rifles, and more. These were meant to kill as many of the enemy as possible.


They were never intended to help everyday citizens defend themselves against any form of aggression "at home." Nor are they in any way meant for hunting animals.

We need to label assault-style rifles and rapid-fire attachments as "weapons of war." Everyday citizens should never be permitted to own these. No private citizen of the United States needs to own an assault rifle, anymore than they need a missile launcher or anti-aircraft gun.

If a private citizen wishes to own a gun or rifle to hunt or just for personal protection, the new law in Illinois does not deny that. If a private citizen currently owns an assault rifle for some vague, unknown reason, just register it with the local authorities. That's all.

Let's call these what they are. It is insanity for people to be able to simply buy assault rifles whenever they want. We have seen over and over the horrific effects of these weapons on innocent children and adults. Think, people. Support the ban, for the sake of each other and for common sense. Think.

Lauren DeJesu

Lake Barrington

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