Letter: Set maximum age for politicians to run

Updated 12/1/2022 1:11 PM

President Joe Biden is a decent man who has spent most of his life serving his country. Now though, it is time for him to start looking at retirement in 2024. He can look back at all his efforts with much satisfaction and pride.

The other potential candidate for the presidency, Mr. Trump, should also look forward to spending more time with the grandkids.


They both will see their 80s soon. Let it go. Policemen, firemen, airline pilots are all required to get out of uniform when much younger. Do politicians have some secret energy that allows them to run and run?

My feeling is that just as there is a minimum age of 35 to qualify for the presidency, there should be a maximum age of 70 to remain in politics.

This means that a number of people should begin thinking about putting their campaign slogans to rest.

Pat Lasch

Mount Prospect

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