Local: Put honesty, responsibility in gun-violence debate

Posted11/30/2022 1:00 AM

I found your Sunday editorial "cartoon" showing a rifle containing an ammunition magazine containing such topics as self-pity, hate, grievance and others rather interesting, even though one-sided and political in nature.

It seems to me that the magazine of "bullets (points)" was missing several additional potential drivers of the cowardly barbaric shootings taking place in our country as an unfortunate and daily occurrence.


As examples: the impact of mental illness perhaps exasperated by the violent nature of video games, TV shows and movies? Or perhaps the feelings of despair peddled by some when it comes to fair and equitable opportunities to succeed in life? Maybe the thoughts that our open borders are giving illegal entrants better and more robust governmental handouts with freebies? Finally but not last, clutching onto our political leadership's divisive narrative broadcast to generate hatred amongst friends, neighbors and fellow Americans?

While I by no means or stretch of the imagination condone gun violence, I do believe that with honest and true personal responsibility, we can find the answers with solutions by intelligently without the threat of compromising our Constitution and ripping the guns from the hands of civil, mature law abiding Citizens can be found.

Ken Wirth

St. Charles

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