Letter: Ohio's great college

Posted11/30/2022 1:00 AM

On Sunday, Bernie Lincicomb declared OSU was the one great public college in Ohio. Biased Bernie obviously didn't know that Miami University in Ohio is known as one of the "public Ivies" along with UVA, UC Berkeley, U of Texas, North Carolina, William and Mary and "that school up North". (Think the victor over OSU this weekend).

To prove his point, he used a picture of one Woody Hayes from a long time ago. Ask where Woody coached before going to Columbus. Yep, Miami U. While I'm on it, ask him where Bo Shembechler went to school, played football, head coached and then went on to have a better won/loss record against Woody at Michigan. Yep, Miami.


I do demur to Bernie about which school has a better football team, but they don't come close to matching The Cradle Of Coaches for supplying coaches for sports. Yep, Miami.

Sorry, Bernie. The one great college in Ohio is not OSU but Miami U.

Bill Brouse (Miami 1970)


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