Letter: How far will we let 'wokeism' go?

Updated 11/29/2022 2:04 PM

A class on "whiteness" at University of Chicago was moved to the spring semester after numerous complaints. Did anyone at the university think this through? This class is degrading, disgusting, and divisive, all encompassed into one class.

Even as slavery was common practice throughout the world, tens of thousands of white Americans died to right a wrong and free the slaves. Even as many people of all colors and nationalities were either slaves or slave traders and owners, only in the United States all white people are decorated with the yoke of slave owners. The United States is the most racially free nation in the world.


Family values. God. Hard work. Respect for life. Morals and decency are the attributes of a successful individual, not continued divisiveness.

How far does society bend for wokeism?

Larry Casey


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