Letter: How many babies have they adopted?

Posted8/17/2022 1:00 AM

Nicholas DiGiovanni's letter published on Aug. 10 is probably well-meaning but is yet another opinion by a male never to be burdened with nine months of forced pregnancy and always blessed with the option of running away when his sperm causes a pregnancy.

From that perch, he can use the term "Americans" for the small clusters of dividing cells included in his abortion statistics.


Have he and Mr. Bailey (and others sharing their opinion) backed up their rhetoric by adopting all the babies that were incubated according to their wishes? Apparently not -- the U.S. Adoption Council reported 20,010 youth aged out of foster care without a permanent family at the end of 2020, and there were 117,470 children waiting to be adopted.

Those numbers are sure to increase thanks to the overreach of politicians who spout hypocritical rhetoric instead of letting each of us make our own decisions about when and if we can responsibly "make more of ourselves."

Amy Hartsough

Hoffman Estates

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