Letter: Saving golf course is what's important

Posted8/13/2022 1:00 AM

On the Aug. 3, Bensenville Park District meeting, the first action item voted on was the motion to terminate all efforts to sell any part of White Pines Golf Course. The commissioner voted unanimously not to sell any part of the course. Board President Rich Johnson and the park commissioners understand the value of White Pines Golf Course to the community.

At this same meeting, commissioners tabled until next April a resolution that would set a referendum fro $20 million in general obligation bonds to build and equip a new clubhouse at the golf course. Johnson explained that the board wants to investigate other options to generate the revenues needed to address necessary repairs in all the park district facilities.


Executive Director Joseph Vallez continues to state that due to roofing, plumbing and other infrastructural problems that a new clubhouse is necessary, at a cost of $20 million. After studying the issues, the board will inform the residents and together make a decision regarding the repairs.

The fact remains that White Pines Golf Course has been saved. The proposed referendum should not in any way be tied to the efforts of saving White Pines. The park board understands the negative impact that the proposed industrial park would have on the entire community, and decided giving up White Pines was not worth the money.

Mr. Vallez has spent approximately $400,000 of Bensenville Park District taxpayers' money on various surveys and studies in his due diligence to sell White Pines Golf Course. It is apparent he was only looking at the big money, and the park board and Bensenville community did not support his ideas.

The residents of Bensenville have been heard and White Pines Golf Course has been saved and will remain the crown jewel of Bensenville.

Annette and Bill Hibner


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