Letter: Vote smart -- and taxes aren't the problem

Posted8/12/2022 5:00 AM

Election cycles generate some standard proclamations, not raising or cutting taxes frequently stated. Pledges are offered to underscore sincerity to reduce taxes. Taxes, the blight to every family budget. If we could just get rid of taxes, families would be so much better economically.

Food, clothing, medical care, and gas (all things using gas) are at record high costs. Big business profits are at record levels; but those darn taxes.


Automobiles, new and used, prices through the roof. Leisure travel, restaurant prices and entertainment costs have soared. Let's not talk about the expense for kids on traveling sports teams. Fees for day care, summer camps and babysitters for date night, skyrocketing. Big screen TV, new gaming consul and that $300/month Comcast bill all up. (Let's cut those taxes.) New cellphone (the camera is better) with upgrade package and custom appearance is costlier than the new one 18 months ago. "Stuff" costs money.

Quality schools educating for the future, the ambulance driver that delivers us before we die, the fireman at your house at 2 a.m. in January in Chicago or the police who protect our children. Snow removal, road/bridge repair, water/sewer service and local government. Parks, libraries, arbor services and senior services. Taxes.

Ukraine assistance, disaster hurricane/tornado/wildfire assistance, military, national parks and veterans' hospitals. Upkeep for Arlington National Cemetery, Library of Congress, FDA, OSHA, INS, FBI and national cyber protection. FDIC, judiciary, penitentiary personnel, courthouses and medical care and research. Taxes.

Ask the candidate what they'll eliminate. Salary, safety or memory of cuts. Taxes aren't the problem. Public servants deserve livable wages and respect. Decrying taxes is stating public servants value is questionable. Attacking taxes is attacking/disrespecting the public servants that make our schools, communities and country safe and an excellent place to live. Vote smart, not for a party.

Alan P. Murdoch

Arlington Heights

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