Letter: Separating science from propaganda on climate

Updated 8/6/2022 9:29 AM

Science loves to search for answers to questions. Propaganda hates questions.

A lot of people have lots of questions about trying to control the climate. I wonder how we can control climate when the sun's variability changes temperatures all over the earth as well as the variability in the earth's orbit. I am consistently amazed at the audacity people have thinking that we mere humans can control climate.


I just read an article entitled "Cross-Examining the Climate Change Cultists" by Kurt Schlicter. He had some interesting questions in his piece:

"… what, precisely, is the climate we need to maintain? What is the "correct" temperature? Is the goal to stop all climate change? Do we need to counteract natural climate change? You do agree that climate does change naturally, right? All those Americans with those SUVs and BBQs were thousands of years from coming into being when the ice age happened, so what caused that? And what caused the subsequent global warming after it? Are those same phenomena absent today? If not, how much are they causing now?"

"… How about the constantly retreating goalposts? What is the current climate apocalypse deadline? Didn't Al Gore tell us in the 2000s that we would be suffering a climate catastrophe right now in 2022? Florida is still above water, right? So, the scientists Al listened to were wrong, weren't they? So, Dr. Warmingnut, you concede that scientists have to be wrong about climate? The ones in the seventies projecting another ice age in a decade were wrong, correct? So why are the scientists today right?"

If we are not allowed to ask questions and demand answers, then is "climate change" just propaganda?

John Zitkus


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