Letter: Republicans should thank Obama

Updated 7/5/2022 7:27 PM

Republicans should fall down on their knees in thanksgiving for Barack Obama. Without Obama as president, the reversal of Roe v. Wade would never have happened so soon.

Obama inspired the Tea Party Patriots movement. He put many middle class people (the "bourgeoisie") out of work, sending companies abroad for cheap employees and calling it "the new normal."


Well, unemployed, middle class people do not sit around watching TV, feeling sorry for themselves, eating chocolates and crying into their beers. They organize. They network. They get to work with the goal of fixing things. They put Donald Trump into the presidency and he appointed the judges who saw the phoniness of Roe v. Wade and had the courage to rule that way.

I cannot imagine Republican candidates John McCain or Mitt Romney making such appointments. The decisions needed a big personality, like that of Trump, to be accomplished.

Thank you, Barack Obama.

George Kocan


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