Letter: Disparity in justice

Updated 6/27/2022 10:00 PM

I wholehearted agree with Carol Damascus' letter in Your Views in the Daily Herald on Sunday, June 12. She stated very succinctly how so many of us feel about the justice system as it's played out in recent years.

Hunter Biden still sits free as a bird, Hillary Clinton enjoys her life in Chappaqua with no consequences for her role in the Russia hoax and Paul Pelosi gets his DUI expunged, while Jan. 6 alleged rioters languish in prison,


Peter Navarro gets shackled for the same accusation as Eric Holder years ago and Justice Kavanaugh has an attempt on his life with no outrage.

The justice disparity is glaring and alarming. I pray the people of Illinois vote incumbents out of office this November. They are all complicit.

Adrienne Zader

St. Charles

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