Taiwan could help WHO

Updated 5/18/2022 1:29 PM

When the pandemic's disruption of the global supply chain began to be felt here in Illinois and across the world, its effect on the production of semiconductors was especially worrisome. Taiwan, the world's largest manufacturer of these vital computer chips, rose to the challenge early on by raising its production of chips to meet increased need and ensure supply chain resiliency.

But trade and technology are not the only areas in which Taiwan can contribute to post-pandemic recovery. Democratic Taiwan has been a force for good in the world and is eager to share its health care expertise and knowledge with like-minded partners in the interest of global public health. For years, Taiwan has sought significant and meaningful participation in the World Health Organization (WHO). Yet, the WHO has continued to exclude Taiwan from its mechanisms and meetings, including attendance as an observer at the WHO's World Health Assembly that will convene later this month.


Taiwan was recognized early during this pandemic for its effective and efficient disease-fighting measures and has continued to lead in areas such as medical research, vaccination rates -- including development of its own vaccine -- and digital technologies for monitoring domestic outbreaks. Indeed, it was Taiwan that first alerted the WHO in December 2019 about the concerning outbreak in China of what would later be known as COVID-19. Taiwan has provided pandemic-fighting assistance to countries in need, including the United States, and Taiwan's valuable knowledge will help when future pandemics arise. It is imperative that Taiwan be allowed to take part in the WHO and its meetings.

Taiwan calls on the WHO to do the right thing and facilitate Taiwan's contributions to the sphere of public health. Taiwan can be a valuable partner in the WHO's mission of "Health for All." Let Taiwan help.

Johnson S. Chiang, Director General

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office


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