Too lenient on crime

Updated 1/17/2022 8:19 PM

What do the names Jason Van Dyke, Derek Chauvin, Kyle Rittenhouse, Kim Potter, Marlene Rittmanic and Tyler Bailey have in common?

They all were in national news because criminals with warrants for their arrest simply did not follow a simple request, surrender without being combative. This ended up with people being killed, and people's lives being ruined.


On top of that, the latest incident, officer Marlene Rittmanic was killed with her own gun. The suspect (Darious Sullivan) reportedly chased her down after shooting her once and when his gun jammed, he and accomplice Xandria Harris took her weapon and shot her twice, after she pleaded for her life.

We need to bring back the death penalty and more severe punishment, not be letting these criminals continue to run free.

Harold Mierisch


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