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The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Updated 1/17/2022 8:33 PM

This week's Clippable Quote

"We must accept finite disappointment but never lose finite hope." -- Martin Luther King Jr.


Shovel and salt, please!

If a sidewalk is part of your property, please shovel and salt it. Plenty of people use sidewalks in the winter, and if they are icy and snowy, a fall is bound to happen. Kids need them cleared to safely walk to the bus or school without going into the street, and many of us enjoy winter walks or need to walk our pets. Be courteous to your neighbors.

Patient, polite and firm

Cook County restaurant workers have a lot of explaining to do these days, as proof-of-vaccine rules took effect Jan. 3. We appreciate waiters and hosts who calmly educate customers about the mandate, answer questions and, most importantly, enforce the rule -- even in the face of hostility.

Great job, ladies!

When Tony Siriscevich started coaching the Oakton Community College's women's basketball team a couple of years ago, it had just one active player. So he built a team by recruiting players who had been overlooked elsewhere but had heart and a desire to play. It worked: The Owls now are off to the best start in school history.

Branding problem?

Jane Addams Elementary School in Palatine does not have an After-School Satan Club, despite an erroneous picture in the New York Post, whose story drew outrage both locally and in Moline, where a school by the same name does host the religious club. The club says it fosters empathy, critical thinking and problem solving. Important qualities, to be sure, but Satan's is a strange face for the brand, especially at a grade school.

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Basketball and MLK Day weekend

Today and Monday will bring a plethora of high school basketball teams playing in MLK events. While these tournaments offer fans an opportunity to see multiple teams playing at the same venue, we also say the people running the events should ensure that everyone is aware of Dr. King and what he stood for.

Good news for subs, at least

That Barrington schools are allowing temporary raises in the daily rate for substitute teachers to $135 is probably good news for subs throughout the region. We understand the dilemma schools face as they try to keep classrooms staffed with qualified teachers while the COVID surge rages. Raising subs' wages is just part of the response.

Congratulations to Marco ...

... but trust us, it't not likely to happen for many others. Marco Piemonte showed some real skill in winning $1.2 million on PointsBet, one of the plethora of online sports gambling apps endlessly being pitched on TV. Piemonte, of Elmhurst, knows what he is doing. You may not be so advanced. We're not telling you not to have fun; just be realistic.

Postponements again

As the wave of positive COVID-19 cases continues to climb in the Chicago area, expect that some entertainment performances, concerts and events may be postponed or canceled. As a rule of thumb, call ahead or check the website or Facebook page for updates before you go. And please be patient and kind to those who work at the venues.

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