The other half

Updated 1/17/2022 8:19 PM

Here is a viable suggestion for the Democratic Progressive Caucus and those (Pelosi, Schumer, Bernie, Liz, Biden, Administration and voters) who seem to support their agenda to expand social programs as exampled in the Build Back Better initiative. How about getting these topics out of national politics and getting something done? You all have wasted years of addressing the issues by not taking action on your own. You fight from an ideological perspective and perception battle that is very much doable on your own.

As aptly clarified by Trevor Noah on 60 minutes, there is no social mandate when half the country has an entirely different perspective, so why fight that battle? Solve the issues with your own and supporters' time and money. Leave the other half alone.


Within 30 days, you could have a not-for-profit (501c3) set up and get your efforts started. As is true for thousands of other NFPs, make your case to the public, collect money from the like-minded and expend in the manner you see fit.

Is this too much effort for important issues? Is force feeding your ideology down all throats and grabbing their money more important?

Let's see, the issues get support and funded, a caustic policy area which doesn't belong in politics is removed, all who support your ideology can choose to support your efforts and future legislative actions can't stop your efforts.

Wow, when will we see this happen? American Socialism at its best. Though very doable, please don't hold your breath; it seems the warped objective is to unrealistically force-feed the ideology down all throats. Prove me wrong.

Rod Sink


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