Why is Trump free?

Posted12/4/2021 1:00 AM

I believe it would be very accurate and appropriate to call former President Donald Trump the Teflon Man. Nothing sticks to him. Not the insurrection and his role in it. Not his corrupt public attempt to steal votes in Georgia. Not his attempt to overturn the election. Not two impeachment hearings, which in my opinion were justified. Not his behavior weeks prior to, during, and following the insurrection when he publicly expressed his "love" for the insurrectionists. To put it mildly, the man is one lying, dangerous, incorrigible person.

Yet he is still walking the streets planning his next attempt to become president. Why I ask, is he still a free man when many who committed lesser crimes during the insurrection have already been prosecuted by the Justice Department?


I ask again, why he is still a free man when the whole world knows of his direct role in the insurrection, especially those from his own party who experienced the insurrection, and momentarily publicly distanced themselves from the man.

Many of them have since developed short memories and have become part of the problem. They don't deserve to remain in public service in my opinion. Let us hope that their short memories did not include those who lost their lives during and after the insurrection. I hope and pray that the man will be brought to justice before he brings more polarization and tension to our country. We deserve better.

Frank R. Ardito Jr.


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