We need to do more to teach respect

Posted12/2/2021 1:00 AM


This is something we have lost in the United States of America, from throwing garbage out the car window while driving down the road to politicians calling each other names.


Lately, there is a lack of respect from adults, so the young see this and they lose from what they see.

When you watch the two parties in Washington, D.C., doing what they do with each other, it is a wonder there is any respect left.

The people of the United States should put a stop to these politicians right away by sending letters to the different party leaders demanding they act like adults instead of 2-year-olds kids.

The shootings are the same, there is no respect for people's lives. It is so sad that you cannot walk down the street without thinking that you could get shot.

If parents would do more to teach their children respect, there would not be the problems we are having today. Before some parents start screaming, yes, there are parents that do a great job of teaching their kids respect, but unfortunately too many do not.

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The time has come for every parent to try to do a better job teaching respect for rules to people to respecting each other.

Richard Schwarz


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