Free speech and humor

Posted12/2/2021 1:00 AM

Lots of debate lately about the Daily Herald's policy of printing letters that are a bit "off the wall." Freedom of speech vs. truth and beauty.

Here's my take. I scan the editorial pages of The New York Timesand the Daily Herald most mornings. No "dingbat" letters printed in the NYT. Well written, opinions based on fact or actual experience, lots of different perspectives. Whereas, I find occasional off-the-wall letters in the DH, easily spotted by even the most casual reader. Illogical, propaganda-based, echo-chamber bits of partisan hogwash. But hilarious in their stupidity.


I enjoy reading the letters printed on both editorial pages. Truth and beauty in the NYT, occasional balderdash in the DH. We need freedom of speech just to add some hilarity to pages of otherwise mostly bad news.

And to remind us that our democracy includes a combination of reasonably intelligent folks as well as the weak-minded. Not that we need reminding when we read the rest of the news.

George Peternel

Arlington Heights

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