Mask mandates are abuse of authority

Updated 10/10/2021 6:07 PM

I've lived in the Scarsdale area more than 50 years and am now a youngish 85. I cannot recall a time when I've had more concerns about what is happening in my state and country. We are being mandated to do things no government has any right to do and it's being done by decree from heads of state and not from congressional authority. I know many who would like to see this change.

There have been many mandates related to the COVID-19 pandemic I have questioned, but the one most concerning me currently is the mandate to once again wear masks indoors, even if vaccinated. I questioned the rationale for mask wearing early on. I went along because, initially, it seemed to make others feel more safe and many people felt it was helpful to do so. I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder for which I have been on medication for years. When I put a mask on, I start to feel unable to breath well, my blood pressure rises and I can become dizzy and distressed.


I still went along. I got vaccinated, even though I had questions about them. Finally, I was told that those vaccinated could choose to not wear masks indoors if they wished and I literally breathed a sigh of relief.

About a month later, the mask was reinstated, but I did my best to be patient and bear it. Now my internist has ordered physical therapy for me and it has been some time since I worked out in a gym. A mask is required and it is definitely making my physical therapy more difficult.

I have called my local representative but doubt anything will change. Help!

Sharon Schultz

Arlington Heights

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