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The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted9/18/2021 1:00 AM

The last Sears in the suburbs

Sears wasn't just the Amazon of its day; it was part of the texture of our lives. If we still had a dog-eared copy of the Sears Wish Book that stirred our imaginations as kids, we'd hope that somewhere in its pages, we could find a solution to the closing of the Sears store at Woodfield Mall.


The liberty case against masks

Other mandates that limit individual freedom for the general welfare: requirements to wear seat belts; bans on smoking inside public places; limits on how fast we can speed down the highway; security to get onto a plane; prohibitions on public nudity; laws against driving under the influence; taxes.

The liberty case against vaccines

Other inoculations required in order to attend school: DTaP vaccine against diphtheria,tetanus and pertussis; IPV vaccine against polio; varicella vaccine against chickenpox; mumps vaccine; rubella vaccine against measles.

Roll out the brew house

We have no doubts that the renovation in Rosemont of the now-shuttered Hofbräuhaus Chicago will lead to some wonderful entertainment venues, but sorry, we nonetheless still get misty about the loss of the Bavarian beer hall.

This week's Clippable Quote

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement." -- Helen Keller

'Party' on, Chris

Congrats to St. Charles' Chris Witaske, whose new animated series debuted Friday on Netflix. "Chicago Party Aunt" is a decidedly adult show with plenty of local references -- so wait until the kids are sleeping to check it out.

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Town Square grocery store at last?

Tony's Fresh Market and the village of Schaumburg are in talks to make a grocery store finally happen in the long-former Dominick's site in Town Square. Could it really be happening? Well, the target for opening is not until next July, but it'll be good to see such a huge vacancy in the community finally filled .

But did it have to be this way?

A headline on one of our 2016 stories reads "Schaumburg hopes to avoid 5 more years of vacant Dominick's site." Well, it didn't, because the owner kept the lease and didn't fill the space in hopes of warding off competitors. It feels like that shouldn't be allowed. Thankfully, the company decided against extending the lease until possibly 2036.

Good morning, Schaumburg

Congratulations to the Schaumburg Business Association on its 20th anniversary.

River run

The Fox River gives us scenery, recreation, wildlife and drinking water. Give back today by joining one of more than 20 cleanups and celebrations for "It's Our Fox River Day." Join in from 9 a.m. to noon at locations listed on the Friends of the Fox River Facebook page.

Please, slow your roll

If you're riding a bike on suburban paths, reduce your speed for those on foot. A quick "on your left" while zipping by doesn't help as much if the caution doesn't allow enough time to react.

Remembering Larry Maholland

The first city administrator of St. Charles, Maholland's service to the community extended far beyond that. He worked for the city for almost a quarter of a century, was active in town and he was instrumental in the First Street Redevelopment Project. We offer thanks for his devotion and wish comfort to his family.

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