Put police patch to vote in Mount Prospect

Posted7/16/2021 1:00 AM

The local politicians are voicing their opinions, but are they the opinions of the majority of the town of Mount Prospect?

The controversy over the police patch is being manipulated by pandering politicians who are being intimidated by a few who appear at a village board meeting regarding the thin blue line on the police patch.


This patch represents the ultimate price paid by brave members of law enforcement. It has absolutely nothing to do with white supremacy.

If you look at the apparel of most street gangs you will see they wear the uniforms of pro sports teams. Does that mean that these teams support gang activity? Of course not.

It is time for the people who support our police to let trustees know how proud they are of the police who keep their community safe.

Let's put it up to a vote for the entire community to decide and not just a few misinformed trustees who pander to ensure their reelection.

Ray Cowin


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