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The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted11/14/2020 1:00 AM

In their honor

A recent ABC 7 report coming out of Crystal Lake caught our eye (and ears). It was there that Jim Heisler stood by the lake and played taps every day at sunset from Memorial Day through Veterans Day. Jim thought neighbors would complain about the noise, but they loved it. Said Rebecca, Jim's wife: "It's such a simple thing, but it makes such a statement."


Not necessarily a last hurrah

That week of 70-degree weather we just had in November showed once again how popular all our suburban parks and forest preserves are. The parking lots were packed and people worked to stay socially distanced (mostly). Will that do it for this year? No, the preserves can be used to get out in the winter, too, as the pandemic continues. Be grateful for them.

A White Sox winner

Jose Abreu joins elite White Sox company -- Nellie Fox, Dick Allen and Frank Thomas -- in earning the American League Most Valuable Player award. He defected from Cuba seven years ago and has been nothing short of spectacular ever since, culminating in being the best of 2020.

Just wondering

Is it a good use of tax money to give $2 million to a shopping center to lure a fourth grocery store to an intersection in North Arlington Heights or is the possible result the closure of one of the other groceries and the subsequent request from that shopping center for its own subsidy?

And wondering

And if the tenant of said grocery store proves, as rumored, to be Amazon Fresh, does the world's richest man really need a tax subsidy for the project? Or is this another case of a giant company figuring out every angle to get taxpayers to subsidize its growth?

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This week's Clippable Quote

"Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose." -- Bill Gates

Theater expansion

While many movie theaters are struggling, it's encouraging to see the company that owns the historic Tivoli Theatre wants to expand. Classic Cinemas is seeking permission from Downers Grove to construct a 32-seat theater in a storefront next to the Tivoli. Hopefully, the village council gives the proposal a thumbs-up.

No heroism there

Facing a pandemic and a gaping budget hole, the Illinois Legislature has decided to skip the fall session because it's too dangerous during the pandemic. Unfortunately the state's residents, who legislators were just claiming in their election campaigns to want to serve, have no such option.

But heroism here

Somehow, however, most local units of government have found a way to continue to meet and conduct business, and in the case of harangued school boards, receive no pay. Wonder if our legislators will mail their paychecks back to Springfield?

Winning numbers

Election results have been slow to process in some places and questioned in others. But voter turnout across the country this year -- in the midst of a pandemic, no less -- was impressive. When people vote, whether in person or by mail, that's a win for our democracy.

And speaking of democracy ...

Thank you to all those here in the suburbs, and across the nation, who staffed the polls and worked through these long days and nights processing the record-setting vote totals under trying circumstances. We appreciate your service.

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