District 86 can do better

Posted11/1/2018 1:00 AM

Enough is enough. The referendum Hinsdale District 86 has put on our ballots this election is unfair, wasteful and unfordable. When will District 86 do better?

In our district, not every child receives an equal education. That is unfair. All students deserve an equal education regardless of which side of the district they live on. Those who are now part of South, thanks to the recent establishment of firm district boundaries, can uniquely highlight the inequities many have been talking about for decades. The referendum not only fails to address these educational inequities, it exacerbates them.


On top of this, the district is trying to scare parents into voting for the referendum, claiming it's for "safety and security." Yet they admit only 3.5 percent of the referendum would go to this. If funding these items was truly a priority, then put just these items on our ballot and we will vote for them.

Instead, our school district is seeking to blow $166 million of the taxpayers' hard-earned money on a 23-year tax increase. This district does not seem to be using taxpayer dollars wisely with a referendum that is filled with bloated project costs and lists of items already-rejected by the taxpayers multiple times.

This referendum, which will cost over $242 million with interest and significantly decrease our property values, would be the single-largest property tax increase this area has ever seen. Like District 86, every other taxing body already maxes out their levy every year and our tax bills just go up. It's not just $300 more. We already pay among the highest property taxes in the entire country. Now District 86 wants us to pay even more. When will it be enough?

District 86 can do better. By voting no, we can work together as a community to provide all our children with a 21st century education in an equal, efficient and affordable way.

Zach Mottl

Burr Ridge

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