Nancy Zettler for Illinois Senate

Posted10/13/2018 1:00 AM

Leadership, as we expect, is there to right wrongs and do no harm.

Nancy Zettler is such a person. She was armed with facts, a computer and lists of volunteers. Nancy, and the team, through sheer will, set out to change the conditions set upon District 300 25 years earlier that crippled educational finances in a growing district. It was a battle of political wills. In the end, District 300 had a seat at the table to correct the disproportionate financial burden placed upon the taxpayers of the district. A clash of political wills finally compromised, with students being the benefactor of a better education.


Republicans have been an accelerant to gridlock these past four years, making governing nearly impossible while placing Illinois deeper in debt. We expect our elected officials to work together. It will take people, like Nancy, working both sides of the aisle, to resolve immovable ideology.

I can see Nancy working for common ground that will restore funding for health and human services, better funding of education so it becomes a priority, being a change agent for working families, helping to restore government funding so it can perform day-to-day tasks, and really tackling property tax relief.

We are self-governing. Your vote counts here at home as well as nationally. You have a choice when you vote on Nov. 6. We, absolutely, have the power to change the direction of our government. We need Nancy Zettler in the Illinois Senate to move our community and state forward. Make your vote count on Nov. 6.

Mary Fioretti


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