Take action, don't deny reality of climate change

Posted10/10/2017 12:01 AM

No, EPA chief Tom Pruitt, this is not insensitive. Insensitive is ignoring the way forward.

Hurricane Harvey floods Houston. Typhoons kill thousands and leave millions homeless in South Asia. Fires burn incessantly in a bone-dry Northwest U.S. The Caribbean grieves in the wake of Irma, now having washed through Florida.


How do these seemingly separate events play in the public debate over climate change?

We've heard the cautionary words that no weather event can be blamed singularly on climate change. Don't be lured into complacency by this. Of course, earth has seen hurricanes and wildfires before. Still, we know that the scientific consensus on climate change points toward more frequent, extreme weather events.

Fortunately, people in key positions are working on climate solutions, though against the tide of this current administration's laid-bare antagonism. Bipartisan work is being done through the 52-member Congressional Climate Solutions Caucus, which works with our organization, the Citizens Climate Lobby, McHenry County Chapter. Twenty-two Republicans have signed on to the separate Republican climate solution, a similar program to our carbon fee and rebate program.

This is where everyday citizens can help. Join our effort so that the people who serve us from local to national offices understand that the voting power points toward taking action, not denying reality.

Jack Shipley


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