Moisture causes damage to electronics

Posted10/28/2018 6:01 AM

By Doug McAllister

Q. I have a 2015 Buick Enclave with 52,000 miles. The left front headlight flashes on and off sporadically. The light flashes on and off whether we have the automatic on or manual.


Also, my collision warning light is intermittent.

Before I go to the dealer for service, can you please tell me what possibly is causing this. I am afraid it will be an expensive plug-in part or just something simple. Thank you for your help.

A. We have seen issues like this before on this model. It would need to be diagnosed, but we have found in the past a relay box by the front windshield pillar gets moisture in it and some corrosion forms.

I can't be sure that is what we are dealing with here. However, it would be something to check. As for the price, it would depend on if something needs to be replaced or just cleaned.

Your shop will also want to make sure all the drains for the sunroof are clear and no water is leaking in the car, adversely affecting the electronics, which is typically what we have found in the past. I hope this helps.

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