Niewiardowski has earned committeeman's job

Posted2/17/2014 5:00 AM

This is a response to Ms. Dill's recent letter to the Fencepost about Republican Committeeman candidate Scott Lietzow. I have two concerns with Mr. Lietzow's candidacy and Ms. Dill's letter.

First, Mr. Lietzow's resume was misrepresented. He is the student member on the Harper College board of trustees, not a trustee who was elected by the voters in the district. I am troubled by this blatant distortion that also appears on Lietzow's campaign literature.


A major talking point has been the "2013 Young Americans for Liberty Chapter of the Year Award." A more accurate description is "Online Contest Winner." This "Award" was given to the Young Americans for Liberty Chapter who received the most online votes. This "American Idol" style voting bears no resemblance to how real elections are won.

Second, Mr. Lietzow wants to lead the Republican Organization of Elk Grove Township (ROEGT), but his local involvement has been zip, zilch, zero. He has never even voted in Elk Grove Township and only registered to vote here in August of 2013. Lietzow has never volunteered in any way for the ROEGT.

I learned that you work your way up the ladder, you don't start at the top. These issues should give us all pause.

Join me in voting for the real deal, Arthur Niewiardowski. He was born and raised in Elk Grove Township and is a small-business owner who cares about his community. He is married and raising his three children where he grew up.

Niewiardowski has been a hard working precinct captain and deputy committeeman for the ROEGT for nearly 10 years. He has strong relationships in Elk Grove Township and the skills to be a great Republican committeeman.

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Remember to vote for Arthur Niewiardowski on March 18th.

Thomas Manion

Mount Prospect

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