Scott Lietzow: Candidate Profile

Elk Grove Twp. Committeeman (Republican)

  • Scott Lietzow, running for Elk Grove Twp. Committeeman

    Scott Lietzow, running for Elk Grove Twp. Committeeman

Updated 2/14/2014 10:43 PM

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City: Arlington Heights


Office sought:

Elk Grove Twp. Committeeman

Age: 25

Family: Wife-Carrie

Occupation: Political Staffer for a Congressional Campaign

Education: Associates in Arts Harper College 14

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Civic involvement: United States Marine Corps, Wheeling Township Precinct Captain, Young Americans for Liberty State Chairman

Elected offices held: Harper College Board of Trustees(current)

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: Yes, when I 15 I was cited for underage drinking twice and cited for curfew and paraphernalia. The two underage drinking charges ended with no conviction and the curfew and paraphernalia were dropped. When I was 17 I was arrested in Lee County Illinois for underage drinking. I was a teenage boy I made many mistakes. I am now a responsible adult who is dedicated to improving my community.

Questions & Answers

Why are you running for this office? Is there a particular issue that motivates you, and if so, what is that?

This is deeper than politics for me, it's personal. My Mother, a lifelong hard working Illinois resident had to move out of the state because she could not afford to live here anymore. So I'm fighting for my mom, for people like her, and the next generation. It's my job to restore the Republican voice because losing is a habit we need to break. Every block, neighborhood, and precinct that shares our conservative values deserves a victory. I will build a strong organization with Republicans from all walks of life, because together we can win.

What differentiates you most from your opponents in the race?

The reason I am different from my opponent is my winning record. My opponent has led an organization that has failed to get Republicans elected, has failed to raise the funds needed to win, and has not done the work necessary to recruit precinct captains in our area. On the other hand I have led a state wide conservative organization that has grown to over 15 colleges in the state. I have also led an


organization called Young Americans for Liberty at Harper College that has won National Chapter of the Year out of 400 schools. I also won Harper Colleges Organization Officer of the Year and my group won Organization of the Year. I have been elected in a three way competitive race to the Board of Trustees at Harper by a margin of 13% of the vote. I know what it takes to win and I know how to brand our party so we can win in the future. My opponent is out of touch with today's electorate as shown by his record of losing elections for Republican candidates.

Finally, is there anything we haven't asked about that you feel we should know?

I am a Marine Corps Veteran and a nationally recognized conservative youth organizer. After returning from my service in 2011, I became a precinct captain for the Wheeling Township Republican Organization in Cook County. During my time as a precinct captain I learned from one of Illinois's top performing local committeeman how to run an effective organization.

Due to my passion for conservative activism, I decided to build on my new skills and experiences by starting a chapter for Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) at Harper College. The group organized many events at Harper, recruiting 30 active members and compiling a mailing list of over 500 students. For my efforts, Harper College recognized me as Club Officer of the Year, and awarded the group Most Outstanding Organization of The Year out of 50 active clubs and organizations on campus.

I am currently the student member of the Harper College Board of Trustees, a position I was elected to by my peers in a three man race last spring. I won this election by 13% of the vote. As Trustee, I am a strong conservative voice for Community College District 512, where I continue to make sure the college operates in a conservative manner for the sake of the taxpayers and the students who elected him.

My Young Americans for Liberty Chapter at Harper College recently made headlines in the Chicago Tribune and Illinois Review for winning YAL's National Chapter of the Year out of more than 400 colleges and Universities across the nation. I am dedicated to training conservatives' young and old to build and grow a winning team for Republicans in Elk Grove Township and statewide elections.