'Dark Skies' leads home video roster

  • A father (Josh Hamilton) finds his son (Dakota Goyo) under a mysterious trance in the thriller "Dark Skies."

    A father (Josh Hamilton) finds his son (Dakota Goyo) under a mysterious trance in the thriller "Dark Skies."

Updated 5/31/2013 10:41 AM

"Dark Skies" -- Lacy (Keri Russell) and Daniel (Josh Hamilton) are a happily married couple living in Arizona with their two young sons. They have financial problems, but know that in time, all will be worked out.

Inexplicable occurrences start happening around their house, and it seems that their younger son Sam (Kadan Rockett) is at the center.


The film begins to bring us in, and becomes tense with horror and mystery as strange things start to happen to the family and the house, especially the kitchen. Pictures disappear, hundreds of birds fly directly into the house while Lacy and Daniel experience cuts, bruises and mysterious bloody noses.

They visit the off-the-wall expert Dr. Allard (J.K. Simmons) who tells them they are in danger from aliens experimenting with them. It's old-fashioned storytelling intense with excellent cinematography and music that builds up the tension.

This film is a combination of "Poltergeist," "Signs," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," "E.T.," "The Birds" and "Paranormal Activity."

"The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents" -- This excellent three-disc set from the History Channel shows us what the 44 men who have held the position went through.

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You will learn what each had to go through and gain a new perspective how the presidency has evolved. Each man had a variety of challenges, and how each one handled adversity led to his legacy.

It's fascinating to go back and discover facts about our branches of government and about the 200-year history of the United States.

"Mel Brooks: Make a Noise" -- Appearing on PBS is a tribute to the great and talented Mel Brooks. Brooks has been in show business for more than 60 years. He is an accomplished writer, director, producer, actor and comedian, master storyteller, and living legend.

The program includes many film clips from his movies and television appearances. Many of his friends and celebrities are interviewed about Mel and his influence in their careers.

"Classic Television Westerns" -- Fifty classic TV western episodes are featured on this six DVD set. These are the shows that we grew up with during the 1950s and '60s.

Included are"Bat Masterson," "Bonanza," "The Cisco Kid," "The Lone Ranger," "Wagon Train," "Fury," "The Rifleman," "Annie Oakley," "The Adventures of Jim Bowie," "The Adventures of Kit Carson," "Frontier Doctor," "The Gabby Hayes Show," "Roy Rogers Show," "Dusty's Trail," Sky King," "Sergeant Preston Of the Yukon" and more.

Available Next Week -- "A Good Day To Die Hard," "Andrea Bocelli: The Voice," "Identity Thief," "Law and Order: Season One," "Vogue: The Editor's Eye," "W.C. Fields Comedy Collection" and "War: 10 Movie Collection."

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