Traffic worries spell trouble for Wheeling carwash plan

Updated 4/14/2011 1:08 PM

Fearing a "nightmare" traffic backup, Wheeling trustees told a business owner that opening a carwash at 801 W. Dundee Road isn't a great idea.

The project came up at Monday's village board meeting, but no official vote was taken on the "Clean and Green Car Wash," which would eventually need plan commission and village board approval.


A few trustees were concerned about the number of cars the carwash would see -- estimated at 250 on a busy day, or about 21 cars per hour.

"Listen, I'm the king of carwashes, ask anyone, but I don't see a carwash on that corner," said Trustee Dean Argiris. "If you had 200 cars that would be a nightmare on Dundee Road."

Trustee Ken Brady agreed.

"If you're successful, we lose," he added.

However, Trustee Patrick Horcher said the owner of the carwash owner will figure it out.

"No one is going to make a day out of washing their car," he said. "There's another carwash at Dundee and Wolf. The economics will dictate whether you succeed or fail. The concept is acceptable to me."

Other trustees said the carwash owner should try and work out a deal with a nearby landlord to use some of their land.