Remember, there are other parties

Updated 10/18/2010 1:05 PM

The other day while looking for articles on the political candidates I noticed tucked away on Page 12 a small article on the Green Party's candidate for the 10th District. Up to that point I wasn't aware that they even had a candidate. As usual, most coverage, with a few exceptions, has been strictly devoted to the Republicans and the Democrats. Similarly, a few days before in a debate for governor, the Green and Libertarian candidates were not invited.

Excuse me, but are these not real candidates who are also on the ballot? I find it hard to imagine that they would be purposely avoiding publicity. So who are the "powers that be purposely excluding them? What are they afraid of? Why is there such an effort to keep people thinking only in terms of red and blue? Is it possible that the "powers that be are that afraid of any real change? But they know that they can keep this from happening as long as they can keep the people just blindly voting either Republican or Democratic.


Now, you might not like either the Libertarian or Green candidates, which is OK, but do you really like the idea of someone else deciding for you that you will not even be allowed to hear what they have to say?

Richard Gideon