Palatine Author Releases New Best Selling Sales Revenue Book

  • Todd Caponi, Author of the book The Transparency Sale and now The Transparent Sales Leader (Palatine, Illinois resident)

    Todd Caponi, Author of the book The Transparency Sale and now The Transparent Sales Leader (Palatine, Illinois resident) Courtesy of Chris Guillen/Chris Guillen Photography

Updated 7/6/2022 8:57 AM

Sales Leadership that Truly Matters

The roles of sales and sales leadership are the exact opposite - from an independent sales person to an entirely dependent sales leader.


For most sales leaders, their approach is borne from experiences working for and around other sales leaders. The prevailing thought is if you've graduated to sales leadership, you must already know what you're doing. You're on your own with no formal training and no framework.

In Todd Caponi's new book, "The Transparent Sales Leader: How the Power of Sincerity, Science and Structure Can Transform Your Sales Team's Results," (IdeaPress Publishing, July 5, 2022), he challenges long-held sales leadership standards, providing a modern, cards-face-up, science-backed, easy-to-implement framework for today's sales leaders. Caponi, an award-winning sales leader, brings the science of transparency and intrinsic inspiration to readers in a simple-to-understand-and-implement structure to help plan, strategize, and communicate to your team, your bosses, and even your board.

In today's environment, where the physical and emotional cost of changing sales jobs is practically non-existent, sales leaders need a new approach to inspire their team members to stay and give their best. Traditional sales leaders have kept team members on a need-to-know basis, which results in disengagement

and likely turnover. The ability to recruit, retain and optimize team members has never been more important and requires learning how to apply the behavioral science of intrinsic inspiration.

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Caponi makes the case that sales leadership doesn't have to be hard. There's a massive opportunity to stand out from the rest - to be more prepared, more effective and more able to maximize the revenue capacity of your teams. He maintains that there's zero cost to being transparent as a leader. In the end, the more transparency you give, the more you'll get in terms of reciprocal transparency, engagement, performance, tenure, and advocacy.

Key Messages: Caponi provides straightforward advice, examples, and best practices for any modern sales leader, new or experienced. He addresses:

• How to stop chasing and start growing

• Why hitting a revenue target is not the job, it's the outcome

• What are the :Five Fs of Maximizing Revenue Capacity" and how to apply them

• How to prioritize qualification enablement rather than prospecting

• How to improve forecasting using a buyer-behavior focus rather than a seller-activity focus


• Why losing quickly should be cause for celebration

The Transparent Sales Leader challenges long-held sales leadership standards, providing a modern, cards-faceup, science-backed, easy-to-implement framework for today's sales leaders. It will become your means of planning, strategizing, and communicating. You'll see the holes before they form - and

you'll sound exceptionally smart, too!

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Twitter - @tcaponi

About the Author - Resides in Palatine, Illinois

TODD CAPONI is an acclaimed author, speaker and sales leadership professional. He is CEO and founder of Sales Melon LLC, teaching companies' salespeople and leaders. His expertise is in building the revenue capacity for technology companies, having served in senior leadership roles and helping one organization to a successful IPO followed by an exit valued at almost $3B.

He won the American Business "Stevie" Award for VP of WW Sales of the Year.

His new book, The Transparent Sales Leader (IdeaPress Publishing, July 5, 2022), challenges long-held sales leadership standards and provides an easyto-implement framework for today's sales leaders.

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